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 The ARMA Pacific Region Stars Hall of Fame Award
recognizes significant  contributions by individual members of the Pacific Region of ARMA. These individuals are long-time members of the Pacific Region who have served the chapters and region with outstanding contributions and/or leadership.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met in order to be considered for this award:

    1.Candidates must have been members of the Pacific Region in good standing during the last ten (10) years.
    2. Retirees who where members of the Pacific Region in good standing  during their last ten (10) years, are eligible and do not have to be  currently active at time of consideration.
    3. A successful candidate must have a positive reputation in the areas of  ethics, professional responsibility, and professional standards.
    4. Candidates must have served at the region either in an established  leadership position and/or through active service that has benefited the region membership and region chapters.


No more than three (3) Pacific Region Stars Hall of Fame Awards will be made in one given year. The selection of inductees is solely at the discretion of the current Region team members with  the option not to select any recipients in a given year.

Nomination Process

Any member in good standing of the Pacific Region can nominate a Pacific  Region member for the award. A one page summary describing the reasons  and accomplishments of the proposed inductee should be submitted to the current Region Director no later than May 15th of the current  ARMA year. The person being nominated  should NOT know about their nomination. There are no self-nominations. The nomination must reflect how the persons activities enhanced the  programs of the Pacific Region and how their activities contributed to  the professional growth and development of the membership of the region. A majority vote by the current Region team members will determine the inductees. The Region Director will report back to the person making the nomination if their proposed inductee was selected.


Announcement and presentation of the award will be conducted at the Pacific Region  Leadership Conference for the year the award is given. The award will be a surprise to the inductee(s).  A special place for the list of inductees will be posted on any existing  Region web site and a general announcement after the Leadership Conference will be made to the region chapters.





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